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What's The Difference Between Commercial Electricians and a Residential Electrician?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

At this moment in time, there is a wide range of electricians in the industry. Indisputably, the electrical sector is expanding by the day. Also, the electrical needs for consumers continue to increase. So, it is important to have trained electrician professionals to cater to different property owners. That's why there are residential electricians and commercial electricians that handle specific needs.

Contrary to popular belief, these electricians perform different tasks. So, it’s always good to understand their functions. This way, it’ll be simpler for you to choose an electrician who caters to all your requirements. In this article, we look at a detailed understanding of the differences between residential and commercial electricians.

What is the difference between Commercial Electricians and Residential Electricians?

What is a residential electrician?

But first, let’s understand the functions of a residential electrician. A residential electrician deals with electrical projects in residential areas. Some of these areas include a gated house or individual apartment. They are more familiar with a residential homes electrical system. Thus, they can fix any electrical issues in your home. So, if you want electrical work done in your home, go for a residential electrician. A reputable electrical company like AK Electrical LLC has the best residential electricians you can work with.

Commercial Electrician Working on Electrical Panel

As a Minority Owned Business Enterprise - registered with the Better Business Bureau, we are certified commericial electrical contractors licensed to perform commercial electrical work for governments and commercial businesses in the state of Texas.

What is a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians deal with electrical systems of commercial buildings. Note that the electrical systems of commercial properties are more complex than those of a residential building. If you have a commercial building that needs electrical repair, it would be best to hire a commercial electrician. They will perform the job better than a residential electrician. Ultimately, be keen to differentiate a residential and commercial electrician.

The difference between Commerical Electricians and Residential Electricians are Qualifications and Experience.

What is the distinction between a commercial electrician and a residential electrician?

Professional qualifications

Typically, both jobs need almost similar qualifications. Both residential and commercial electricians should undergo intense electrical training. This is the only way both of them can get a license. Luckily, both jobs do not need higher education qualifications. A high school diploma is enough. But both require a license and insurance cover. In fact, some states don’t allow electricians without a license to take part in any electrical work. A license proves the credibility of both electricians. Also, both need insurance covers. Consequently, this guarantees safety to all clients.

Differences in experience

A commercial electrician deals with power supplies containing high voltage compared to residential electricians. Simply put, a residential electrician deals with one central power supply. On the flip side, commercial electricians can deal with multiple central power supplies. Additionally, a commercial electrical contractor is well knowledgeable about conducting new installations in new buildings.

So, if you have a commercial building, you’d instead opt for a commercial electrician. They deal with extensive projects and can handle large buildings with multiple power sources. They mostly work in big hotels, malls, among other commercial properties. At times, a residential electrician would not be able to deal with some of the commercial building issues.

There are many differences between Commercial Electricians and Residential ones

Other Differences Between Residential & Commercial Electricians

On-site location

Due to their different job descriptions, commercial electricians and residential electricians do not work in the same areas. A residential electrician works in family houses and apartments. On the flip side, a commercial electrician works in large commercial buildings such as retail stores and hotels. Typically, commercial electricians work in areas with direct access to the public.

Materials used

The two types of electricians use different materials in their electrical projects. Even though electrical work is the same, they use various tools to get the job done. The majority of states have different guidelines for commercial and residential electrical work. As a result, commercial electricians have to comply with various policies. Tools and equipment used by commercial electricians have to be of higher quality. Remember, commercial buildings have more electrical needs. So, a residential electrician would not have the necessary tools to conduct electrical projects in commercial properties.

Basic functions

A residential electrician takes part in simple electrical work. Some of these electrical projects include home electrical repairs and wiring new houses. Also, they can install small electrical fixtures like outdoor lighting. So, their tasks are not as complicated as those of a commercial electrician. On the other hand, commercial electricians conduct new electrical installations. They also wire transformers, breaker panels, heaters, air conditioners. Besides, they perform electrical repairs in commercial buildings.

Hire dependable Commercial Electricians for commercial electrical work

Hire dependable electricians at AK Electrical LLC

Often, most reliable electrical companies analyze all your electrical needs before assigning an electrician to your property. As a result, it’s always advisable to hire a reputable electrical company. One of the companies you can employ is AK Electrical LLC.

Here at AK Electrical LLC, we have different types of electricians who take part in different projects. We have commercial, residential and industrial electricians. So, when you tell us your electrical needs, we identify the most suitable electrician who can work on your project.

From this article, it is clear to see that both commercial and industrial electrician serve different functions. They undergo almost similar training but take part in totally different projects. So, it would be best if you identified your type of property and electrical needs first, before hiring an electrician.

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