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What Does a Commercial Electrician Do?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

With the fast expansion of the electric power industry, there is a wide range of electricians. Nowadays, you cannot just hire any electrician. You have to identify your electrical needs. Note that different electricians specialize in different electrical work. Some of them include industrial electricians, residential electricians, and commercial electricians. In this article, we look at the definition and functions of a commercial electrician.

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Commercial Electrician

An electrician trained to conduct electrical work in commercial buildings is popularly referred to as a commercial electrician. They handle wiring and fix electrical issues in a commercial property. So, what is a commercial property? These are buildings occupied by many people or tenants. Typically, they are much bigger compared to residential buildings. As a result, they have more intricate electrical systems.

Commercial electricians, in turn, need to have a wide range of experience and knowledge. Besides, commercial electricians need to have a valid license and insurance cover. They deal with properties like city malls, company buildings, and hotels. If you have a commercial building, it would be best to hire a commercial electrician. This way, you can always rest assured of quality and safety.

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Functions of a commercial electrician

Commercial electricians solve existing electrical problems. Also, they perform the installation of electrical equipment like lighting. They can install a fuse box or electrical panel in new buildings. Furthermore, if you need rewiring in your property, they are the best people to deal with.

Suppose you experience a problem with your heater or air conditioner, a commercial electrician can fix it. Commercial electricians are well trained to deal with high voltage equipment. As seen earlier, commercial electricians deal with the installation of various equipment. So, they can put in place lights, switches, and automated alarms.

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A commercial electrician can come up with the layout for your electrical system. Of course, you have to state all your electrical needs first. Afterward, they create the most suitable electrical system for your commercial property.

Another thing that commercial electricians must do is oblige to all the state requirements. When conducting electrical work, they should follow all the electrical guidelines. Otherwise, they can get into trouble and lose their license. So, always ensure your electrician is professional enough to do this.

Commercial electricians also supervise large commercial projects. This way, they ensure the successful completion of electrical work. Also, they take part in training young, upcoming commercial electricians. Consequently, they continuously lead to the growth of the electrical power industry.

Commercial Electrician testing electrical panel in a commercial building

Do commercial electricians repair electrical systems?

The main issues faced by the majority of commercial buildings are troubleshooting, among other minor repairs. A dependable commercial electrician will also advise you on all the safety measures to observe when handling your electrical system.

Qualifications of a dependable commercial electrician

A commercial electrician needs to be well knowledgeable on electrical systems. They should also have proper training on how to fix electrical problems in commercial properties.

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What makes a commercial electrician different from an industrial electrician?

Many aspects set commercial electricians apart from other electricians. So, let’s look at some of the differences between industrial electricians and commercial electricians.

Well, both the industrial and commercial electricians take part in major and minor electrical projects. However, each of them undergoes a separate training. Why? Commercial electricians deal with commercial properties. So, when doing their practical training, they go to, say, hotels and malls.

On the flip side, an industrial electrician deals with more intricate buildings like factories. Note that factories have more electrical requirements. So, their electrical system is relatively more intricate. As a result, they need more training and more knowledge of electrical and wiring systems. So, typically, when training, these electricians go to two different sites.

Distinctions between Commercial Electricians and residential ones

It is, therefore, essential to separate the two types of electricians. If you have a manufacturing facility, it would be best if you hired an industrial electrician. This is the only way you’ll get guaranteed quality electrical systems and safety. Note that a commercial electrician may sometimes not know how to go about with your factory's electrical problems. Look for an electrical company that gives you the specific electrician to cater to all your electrical needs.

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AK Electrical Service are the local Commercial Electricians to call. We are a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. As commercial electrical contractors we are licensed and authorized to perform electrical work for commercial businesses as well as for government electrical contractor work.

Reliable local Commercial Electricians are always in high demand

Today, there is an increase in the demand for electricians. In particular, more people are venturing into becoming business owners. Also, many new commercial properties are constantly in development. So, if you desire to become a commercial electrician, you are on the right path.

In conclusion

In this present age and time, there are various types of electricians. One of the major categories of electricians is a commercial electrician. They deal with electrical systems in commercial properties. Consequently, if you have a commercial property, it is advisable to hire a commercial electrician.

Here at AK Electrical LLC, we have reliable commercial electricians who focus on meeting all your electrical needs. They are well knowledgeable about how electrical systems in commercial properties function. So, you are always guaranteed of safety with them. So, contact us and book an appointment with us. We shall give you the best commercial electricians to cater to all your electrical needs.

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