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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Security System?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

With the expansion of technology, the popularity of security systems is now on the rise. Nowadays, it is easier for people to manage their home/ property even when they are miles away. You no longer have to entrust everything to your employee or family member. You can monitor everything that’s happening through a security system. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, let’s say technology has made our lives much more manageable. Even so, it is relatively expensive to install a security system. Needless to say, the price varies depending on the type of security system and your electrical contractor. It is always good to employ a reputable electrical company like AK Electrical LLC that is knowledgeable about installing security systems.

Installing a Security System requires a seasoned electrician that knows what they are doing.
Installing a Security System requires a seasoned electrician that knows what they are doing.

How much does it cost to install a home security system?

In this present age and time, it has become enormously popular for homeowners to get a security system installed. Home security systems always detect an intruder in the house and can go off in loud sirens. Depending on the type of home security system, it may have a camera, among other smart features. Typically, the more advanced home security system you opt for, the more the installation costs. But, on average, you will spend about $300 to $1,100 installing a security system. Note that the mentioned cost is exclusive of some of the equipment needed, like the siren. If you are always worried about security in your home, get your peace of mind by installing these systems. They will save you a lot in the long run.

Unmonitored home security system

There are two major types of security systems; monitored and unmonitored. Unmonitored security systems are slightly cheaper to install and manage. Unlike the monitored security system, they do not incorporate an additional service fee. In case of anything, a direct alert goes to the homeowner and not a security company. So, you are the one who has to make a security report to the police or authorities. These systems are still helpful. Nonetheless, it could be hard to get to your local authorities or police in case of a commotion.

The price of security system installation varies depending on what kind of security system you choose.
The price of security system installation varies depending on what kind of security system you choose.

Monitored security system

On the other hand, state authorities consider monitored security systems much more effective. In the case of burglary, this system directly alerts the security company. But this comes at a cost. You have to pay approximately $40 every month. Of course, this service fee varies depending on the type of electrical company. You can pay as little as $10 monthly. Most monitored systems also notify you when there are gas leaks, flooding, and temperature fluctuations. So, monitored security systems are actually more useful compared to unmonitored security systems. But, generally, both the monitored and unmonitored systems have the same configuration.

Hardwired security system installation costs

Always employ an expert electrician to install hardwired systems for you. Hardwired systems incorporate a complicated installation process. When installing such security systems, you will spend about $800 to $1,600.

Wireless systems installation costs

Currently, various security systems are wireless. Wireless systems are user-friendly and easy to install. Wireless security systems cost about $300 or more to install. In fact, most homeowners prefer taking part in a DIY project when putting in place wireless systems. Although costly, they are super-efficient.

Surveillance monitoring

Surveillance monitoring is one of the most common forms of a security system. I mean, all commercial buildings and city malls implement this system. You can spend about $300 to install surveillance monitoring. But note that there are extra costs involved in this type of security system. Mostly, you will pay a monthly service fee of approximately $40 to $65. Of course, the additional fee will depend on your security company.

Smart locks and fire alarms

Several homeowners install smart lock features in their homes. These features are useful for locking doors and safe houses. Aside from the smart locks, you can install fire alarms. Fire alarm installation costs approximately $300 to $700. Alarms detect any home fires by sensing smoke. They play a massive role in every home and building by saving a lot of lives. So, if you don’t have a fire alarm in your home, you’d better install one. I mean, anything could happen.

Duress signals & Silent alams

A duress signal or silent alarm helps you in case of a home attack. It alerts your security company that the security system is being shut off by a thief, burglar, or terrorist. This way, your security company will strategize the most accurate way of offering the best assistance.

Hire AK Electrical LLC to install a security system for you

Installing a security system mostly requires certain modifications in your wiring system. So, always make sure you hire a dependable electrician to put in place the system. Here at AK Electrical LLC, we have reputable electricians who have extensive experience installing all types of security systems. You can count on them to install alarm systems, smart lock systems, and unmonitored systems. Also, they can install all kinds of wireless security systems. If you wish to install a security system, feel free to contact us. We are only a call away. Moreover, if you have no clue, our reliable electrical contractors take the time to suggest and explain to you all kinds of security systems. Our main objective is to ensure you attain 100% customer satisfaction.

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It usually depends on what type of security system you want to install in your apartment. Also, choose a reliable local locksmith to get those systems installed at cheap.



This does give you a good idea of what it costs. I got a security system because someone broke into my house one night while my family and I was sleeping. Luckily my dog woke up and scared them away. But made me thing about how to protect my family better. So a home security system is the way to go. When I got mine (, I got cameras, monitors, and home automation service and after all of the equipment and labor, it was a little under $2,000. So I hope that helps. :-)

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