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How Much Does It Cost To Install Overhead Lighting?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Lighting often plays a massive role in changing the aura of your indoor and outdoor living areas. Therefore, the majority of homeowners love installing overhead lighting to enhance their home décor. Even so, you have to hire a professional electrical contractor to put in place the lighting correctly. Some modifications in your central wiring system have to get done before putting in place any lighting. So, DIY projects are not advisable when it comes to putting in place this type of lighting. Even though you are trying to save money, consider your safety first. Conducting electrical work by yourself is dangerous; it could cause home fires or shocks. So, how much does it cost to install overhead lighting?

What is the average cost for installing overhead lighting and recessed lighting? Let's find out.
What is the average cost for installing overhead lighting and recessed lighting? Let's find out.

What is the average cost to install overhead lighting?

The costs of installation vary depending on various factors. However, on average, putting in place the lighting costs lie within a range of $800 to $1,200. Thus, if you plan to install this kind of lighting, expect to spend the above amount. In this article, we take a look at some of the factors that influence the costs of installation.

Wiring costs for overhead lighting

Often, homeowners find the cost of installing overhead lighting high. But these high costs are mostly explained by the wiring modifications needed. Think about it. Whenever you put in place any new electrical fixture, you require new wiring as well. Wiring can be tedious; thus, most electricians charge high costs for this. Your costs will turn out to be lower when you have preexisting wiring.

The cost for installing overhead lighting typically runs anywhere from $800-$1,200
The cost for installing overhead lighting typically runs anywhere from $800-$1,200

Type of electrical contractor

Nowadays, there is a wide range of electricians you can select. Each has different experiences and charge differently. In most instances, electrical contractors who have extensive experience usually charge more. Also, if you hire a big, reputable company, you are more likely to spend more. So, before employing a specific electrician, evaluate their credibility. Also, ensure that they are well knowledgeable about this type of installation. This way, you rest assured of safety. Here at AK Electrical LLC, we have reputable electricians whose primary focus is to meet all your electrical needs. They do their best to ensure you won’t encounter any future problems with your lighting. Luckily, we offer the best overhead lighting installation at affordable prices.

The lighting unit

One of the main determinants of the installation price is the unit type. Often, you’ll get lighting equipment that goes for about $50 to $100. It depends on the design of the lighting. If you want a more intricate lighting unit, be ready to spend more. But before buying a specific unit, ensure that it complements your home. Several electricians are always willing to advise you on the best lighting units that suit your living space.

Age of your home

If your home has been in existence for decades, it might be more costly to install this lighting. Why? Old homes have outdated wiring systems. And at times, electricians may require upgrading the whole wiring system to accommodate the overhead lighting fixture. Unquestionably, rewiring can cost you thousands of dollars. So, if you have not modified your wiring system for quite some time, get prepared to spend a lot on installing your lighting.

Accessibility of the wiring

When putting in place this lighting, your electrician needs to access your wiring. The more accessible your wiring is, the cheaper you’ll pay. I mean, if your wiring is more available and accessible, the installation process will be much easier. In turn, it will take a short time to get completed. Considering most electrical contractors charge hourly costs, total installation costs will turn out to be more affordable when the wiring is more accessible.

DIY considerations

The majority of homeowners often desire to save money by taking part in DIY overhead lighting. But DIY projects can be dangerous if conducted wrongly. One mistake when installing could cost you thousands of dollars. Even worse, a home fire could be the result of a wrong installation. So, with a DIY electrical project, you pose a danger to you and your family.

But if you have the proper knowledge of conducting a DIY, take the necessary precautions. Make sure the primary power source is off before you start to install. Also, follow all the guidelines for installation.


Typically, the cost to install overhead lighting varies from approximately $800 to $1,200. The cost, of course, will be higher or less based on certain factors. For instance, if you need a distinctive design, you would have to pay more. All in all, ensure that you hire a dependable electrical company like AK Electrical LLC. We have the best electricians who have extensive experience in installing overhead lighting. But it would be best if you come up with a budget before putting in place any lighting. Additionally, be keen to analyze all your electrical needs. Once you hire our top-notch electricians, rest assured that we will meet all your expectations.


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