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How Much Does It Cost To Install Ceiling Light Fixture?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Unquestionably, you can change the ambiance of your room using a simple light fixture. Not only do lighting fixtures improve visibility, but they also boost your home’s appearance. Nonetheless, these unique home additions require a unique installation process. So, it would be best to hire a dependable electrical contractor who can cater to all your electrical requirements. Even though it might be costly to do so, remember your safety comes first. All electrical tasks should get appropriately conducted. Otherwise, they would pose a danger to you and your family. So, what is the exact cost to install a ceiling light fixture?

How much does it cost to install a ceiling fixture? Find out ceiling fixture installation costs.
How much does it cost to install a ceiling fixture? Find out ceiling fixture installation costs.

What is the cost of installing a ceiling light fixture?

More often than not, expect to pay about $500 when you install a ceiling light fixture. However, the costs could go up to $800. It all depends on the type of lighting fixture and the kind of electrician you hire. For instance, if you opt for an intricate light fixture design, you can end up spending approximately $2,000. Mostly, this is common for commercial property owners who want to enhance their property’s decor. On the flip side, basic lighting fixtures can cost as little as $80. Regardless of the type of lighting, ensure that the lighting fixture complements your room. So, before purchasing light fixtures, evaluate all your electrical needs first. Moreover, dependable electrical contractors always take the time to recommend the best ceiling light fixture.

How much does it cost to install pendant lights?

As the name suggests, pendant lights gracefully fall from the ceiling to create a tranquil ambiance. You must have seen them somewhere, whether it’s your favorite restaurant or office. Pendant lights create a ‘low lighting’ effect. Electrical contractors love putting in place pendant lights since they incur an easy installation process. They are light in weight hence easy to carry and fix.

Often, these lights do not need extra wiring since they use low voltage. You can always hook pendant lights to power sources of larger electrical equipment. Electricians spend about two to three hours to install pendant lights. Needless to say, installation time varies based on the experience of your contractor. Some electricians are faster than others. So, expect to pay approximately $100 to $250 for pendant installation.

Installing a Chandelier list this one could cost between $2,000-$3,000
Installing a Chandelier list this one could cost between $1,000-$2,000

Installing a Chandelier

Installing a new chandelier can cost anywhere between $300 to $2,000 and more. The costs are inclusive of the modifications needed in your wiring system and exclude the price of the unit itself. Additionally, installing chandeliers can be quite challenging. If you’ve ever seen one, you know that chandeliers are bulky. Most of them incorporate a stylish, contemporary design that can transform your living space into a luxurious resort. Although costly, chandeliers are a beautiful home addition. In case you plan to replace your existing chandelier, you will spend about $100 to $200.

Cost of a wall-mounted light

Today, most modern homes have wall mounted lights. Wall-mounted lights can be an attractive feature in your home. Fortunately, they don’t cost much to install. On average, you can spend approximately $170 to install wall mounted lights. But you can spend up to $250 on these lights. It all depends on your electrician. These lights are ideal for verandas and staircases.

Costs to install fluorescent light

Fluorescent lights are common in most education and health facilities. These lights are well known to radiate a lot of light in large spaces. Besides, they are energy-saving and can help you reduce your electrical bills. Averagely, fluorescent lights incur about $80 to $220 for installation. Note the price to install fluorescent lighting varies based on several factors. But considering their functionality, their price is worth it.

Costs to install bar lights

Light bars are unique light fixtures you can incorporate in your kitchen. Due to their elegance, style, and functionality, they are expensive. So, if you plan to install light bars, prepare to spend approximately $350 and more. There are many procedures electricians have to conduct when installing bar lights. That’s why these lights have a high installation cost.

Bathroom lights installation cost

Simple bathroom light fixtures don’t cost as much. You can spend about $50 to $250 when putting in place bathroom fixtures. However, a more unique and attractive bathroom light fixtures designs cost about $500. If you wish to go all out with your lighting, feel free to install a unique and exceptional bathroom light fixture design.

Install your ceiling light fixture using our electrical contractors

There is a broad spectrum of ceiling light fixtures today. Each varies in price and design. So, before buying a specific ceiling light fixture, it would be best to identify what you need. Then, you can go ahead and hire a dependable local electrician. We, AK Electrical LLC, have the best electricians who can install any ceiling light fixtures. From chandeliers to light bars. So, in case you plan on putting in place a ceiling light fixture, do not hesitate to contact us. Besides, we always advise our customers on the best ceiling light fixtures they can install. We are highly dedicated and committed to delivering all your expectations. Furthermore, we guarantee safety for both you and your family.

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