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Why Are Half Of My Outlets Not Working?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The majority of homeowners encounter malfunctioning outlets at one point in time. Often, this indicates an underlying issue that needs to get solved. Various reasons could hinder some of your electrical outlets from working. So, it is always good to identify your malfunctioning outlet's exact cause and fix it immediately. You'd instead hire an electrical contractor to resolve the issue for you. Occasionally, conducting DIY projects could pose a danger to you and your family. So, let's take a look at why half your electrical outlets are not working.

Why did half the outlets in my house suddenly stop working?
Why did half the outlets in my house suddenly stop working?

Backstabbed wiring

Bad wiring is one of the most common sources of malfunctioning electrical outlets. If your electrician does not conduct the wiring process efficiently, this could lead to half your outlets not working. According to electrician experts, there are two main methods of wiring an electrical outlet. But generally, you have to encompass the wire on the screw. Then, use a screwdriver to hold the screw in place.

It would be best if you did not push the wire inside the connector since it can get grabbed. As a result, the wire is likely to malfunction within a short time. So, when installing an electrical outlet, always make sure you employ a dependable electrical contractor who can fix the issue. As a homeowner, you can still identify this problem by simply checking the wiring inside the electrical outlet. You can always notice backstabbed wiring if you see the wires not installed correctly.

Metal wire type

The main metal wires used in electrical work are aluminum and copper. These wires make it easier for electric current to pass to the outlet. Nonetheless, note that copper is more effective than aluminum. Aluminum can quickly burn the wiring and lead to half your outlets not working. Even though the electrical contractor may charge you more if they use copper wiring, it would serve you well.

Loose connections

After some years of use, the electrical outlet's wiring is likely to cause a malfunction in the outlet. Think about it. These wires have carried electrical current for quite some time. Thus, they are vulnerable to getting damaged. What happens is that whenever you switch on the power, the electrical current makes the wires to expand due to heat. And when you switch off the power, the wire tends to contract.

This continual process makes the wires become loosely connected to the outlet. Thus, half of your outlets can stop working due to this. But if you hire an unqualified electrician, they can install the wiring incorrectly, and you can experience big issues with your electrical outlets.

Troubleshooting electrical issues by yourself can be difficult
Troubleshooting electrical issues by yourself can be difficult

How do I repair a loose connection?

Fixing a loose connection requires you to switch off the primary power source first. Then, evaluate the wiring inside of the socket to see if there are any loose wires. Once you notice any loose connections, it would be best to install another outlet with new wiring. Doing this, of course, requires you to hire a dependable electrician.

Wrong use of wire nuts

At times, electrical contractors incorporate wire nuts to join different wires. But typically, wire nuts should get installed accurately for them to function well. If they are not used as per the manufacturer's instructions, wire nuts can lead to a malfunctioning electrical outlet. So, always employ a dependable electrician to ensure they install your wire nuts properly.

Switched plugs

In most contemporary homes, there are switched plugs. This kind of switch has one plug that stays on all the time and another that can get switched on and off using a standard wall switch. For example, if you connect a lamp to a switched plug, you can turn it on or off by simply flipping your wall switch. Switched plugs can cause a malfunction in your electrical outlet.

Worn-out electrical outlets

More often than not, an electrical outlet can stop functioning for no significant reason. Mostly, this happens when the electrical outlet tasks for an extended period. It's just like any other electrical device. They stop working due to burnout. In such instances, you should replace the outlet. But before your electrical outlet starts burning out, beware of some signs. You might notice sparks whenever you switch on the outlet. Also, there could be some discolorations around the outlet. If you don't sort out these issues as soon as possible, you may be at risk of a potential home fire.

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