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Can You Rewire a House Without Removing Plaster and Drywall?

Occasionally, homeowners need to rewire their house. In particular, if you have stayed in your home for more than twenty years, it might be time to conduct a rewiring procedure. There are different reasons for rewiring a house. Maybe you need to install an electrical fixture in your home, and the only way to do this is rewiring. Or you simply want to upgrade your wiring system. Either way, the process can be hectic. Often, electrician experts have to tear down your walls to rewire your house. So, you can imagine the possible mess that's about to happen when you rewire your house.

Do I have to tear down my walls when rewiring?

Besides, rewiring your property can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, the majority of homeowners forego this process. But nowadays, electricians have made rewiring much easier. Did you know that you don't need to tear down your walls when rewiring? Expert electricians incorporate another technique when rewiring. They use a crawlspace to access the internal wires. All you need is to hire a dependable and experienced electrician that uses the right tools during the process. Also, note that you'll have to pay more. So, let's look at a detailed procedure of how to rewire a house without removing plaster and drywall.

You don't have to tear down your drywall & plaster to rewire a house
You don't have to tear down your drywall & plaster to rewire a house

Evaluation of your property

The first thing a dependable electrician will do is conduct a thorough evaluation of your property. This way, they can familiarize themselves with the whole wiring system. Consequently, they will be able to find out all the wires that need replacement. Additionally, they will know what needs to stay and what needs to get removed. It would be much easier for them to come up with an exact quote for you during this time. They now know what exactly needs to get fixed.

Finding the most suitable place for the crawlspace

After evaluation, the electrician has to identify the most suitable crawlspace. They will use this point to rewire the house. So, it would be best if you went for a reliable electrician who knows what they are doing. A reliable electrician will always determine the most suitable point for the crawlspace. In turn, they guarantee safety for you and your family. Also, an electrician expert will do a job well done. As a result, you won't experience any issues with your central wiring system in the long run. Here at AK Electrical LLC, we have highly experienced electricians who are well trained. Thus, they can conduct major rewiring systems. If you desire to rewire your house, look no further. We are the best electrical company and stand out in the industry.

Hire a reliable electrician to rewire your house
Hire a reliable electrician to rewire your house

Get rid of all old wires

Your electrician will have to pluck out a lot of old wires that need replacement. This process has to be carefully done to prevent any health hazards and potential fires. First, the primary power source should be off. Using the crawlspace, they should gently cut the wires and get rid of all unnecessary cables. Keep in mind that the old wires should not get pulled out anyhow. They are often fixed to the wall, and remember you don't want to cause any damage to your wall. Otherwise, you would need to clean up the huge mess after the rewiring system is over. Immediately your electrician pulls out the old wires; they should get replaced using new and quality wires. At times, electricians fix the new wires onto the old ones using tape.

Safety measures to observe during rewiring using a crawlspace

If you don't want issues with your wiring system, hire a dependable electrician to rewire your house. Note that the wall won't get teared down. So, your electrician should be thorough when fixing the new wires. They ought to ensure the new wires get tightly clamped to the wall to prevent any loose wires hanging.

It would be best if at least two electricians come onsite. This way, the rewiring process would be much safer, efficient, and faster. So, doing a DIY project for this is not recommended.

Rewiring is a smart idea for home owners of older properties
Rewiring your house is a smart idea for home owners of older properties

The bottom line

You can choose to rewire your house due to a wide range of reasons. Even so, rewiring your home can be a tedious and dangerous process. Luckily, nowadays, you don't need to tear down your walls just to rewire your house. Electrician experts use a crawlspace to access the wiring system behind the walls. So, if you plan on conducting a DIY rewiring process, consider hiring someone professional. Otherwise, you would pose a danger to your loved ones.

We, AK Electrical LLC, are the number one electrical company. Our electrician experts are well trained to rewire your house. They ensure safety for all. Besides, when rewiring your property, they don't break down your walls. Thus, you won't have a hard time cleaning up the mess afterward. Instead of trying to conduct a DIY rewiring project, you'd instead hire our experienced electricians. We help you avoid both minor and significant issues with your rewiring system in the long run.

Furthermore, we are always available at all times. Feel free to contact us and book an appointment with us. Then, we can come onsite to evaluate your property and proceed with the normal rewiring process. Fortunately, we conduct a quick and efficient rewiring job!

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